House Sitting - We will water plants, retrieve mail and newspapers, set out garbage, etc.

Home Security - Your home will maintain a lived in look. We'll rotate the lights, blinds & shades, televisions, radios, cars in your driveway, etc.

Transporting Pets - You will not be inconvenienced by having to transport your pets before or after your travels.

No More Imposing - You no longer need to feel you are imposing on family, friends or neighbors.

Affordability - In your home pet care fees do not increase for more than one pet. In our home pet care fees do not "double" for two pets. Instead, a $10 fee is added for each additional pet.

Peace of Mind - Perhaps most valuable of all is the knowledge that your pets will receive loving care and attention by a fully insured, pet care professional.

Comforts of Home - Your pets remain in the comfort of our home, or yours, with their familiar sights, sounds and smells. Safe and secure, they maintain their regular routine of diet, exercise, playtime, rest and medication when required.

Personal Attention - Safe & Sound Pet Care is pet oriented (to say the least)! We enjoy pets of all kind, and your pet will benefit from our personalized care.

Stress Reduction - Avoid the stress and trauma your pet undergoes when placed in an unfamiliar environment.

Avoid Exposure to Illness - Your pets will not be exposed to illnesses and parasites from other animals or environment.

Mid-day Break - Your long workdays may prevent you from providing your pet with a mid-day potty break. We can take of that for you, and we won't forget the playtime!

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